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Camelot Pro

Integrating software and hardware instruments.


Working alongside Audio Modelling, we have built the audio engine and UI of Camelot Pro, a live performance system that integrates virtual instruments with hardware keyboards in one seamless experience.

Both the UI and audio engine are built using the JUCE Framework and C++.




Features include:

MIDI routing and filtering

The audio engine can stream MIDI from connected input devices and route to external MIDI ports, or internal plug-in instruments.

VST, AU, AUv3 plug-in hosting 

Making use of the JUCE audio plugin API wrappers, the audio engine can process real-time audio and MIDI from third-party VST, VST3, AU and AUv3 (iOS) plug-ins. 

Audio plugin pool

When changing plugins and MIDI routings during a live performance, the engine will use an audio plugin pool to avoid loading times and smoothly transition from one scene to the other (e.g. Verse to Chorus).

Modern, responsive UI

The graphical user interface is implemented to maximise real estate and usability on various screen sizes and resolutions, from macOS to iPad landscape or portrait layouts.

Windows, macOS, iOS

The application runs on both desktop and mobile platforms, for macOS, Windows and iOS.

Camelot Pro is available to buy at

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